Your Scottish Ancestry is led by genealogist Alasdair Macdonald who graduated with an MSc in Genealogical Studies from the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow. He has been researching genealogy for over twenty five years and has extensive knowledge and experience locating documentary evidence from less accessible sources including local and national archives.

Alasdair has specialist skills in pre 1850 research relating to property and inheritance (including charters, retours and sasines, family and legal resources), palaeography (old handwriting) and the use of genetic genealogy for family history (including adoption and ancestral origins).

If you would like to commission a family research report or need help to overcome a genealogical brick wall in your personal research, Your Scottish Ancestry can help. Traditional research can be commenced in statutory post 1855 birth, marriage and death records and progress to parish records and other primary sources. We can extend and develop your family history by exploring records and documents not available online. Research can be tailor made to meet your specific research budget and requirements.

Your Scottish Ancestry is pleased to be associated with Family Tree DNA the world’s leading genetic genealogy testing company as a provider of DNA kits within the British Isles. If you are interesting in using DNA (Genetic Genealogy) to complement or corroborate your research, do please get in touch as we provide a consultancy and support service.

Alasdair is a Teaching Fellow within the Genealogical Studies team at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow; a Fellow of The Higher Education Academy (FHEA); a member of the Register of Qualified Genealogists (RQG);  and on the board of directors of the charity Birthlink – Adults affected by adoption